Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

Baton Rouge Tree Service
Removal or Trimming

For this section in my Baton Rouge business section I'm only going to recommend one service for tree removal, tree trimming or any other arborist service you might need in the Baton Rouge area. Why? Because this guy is the only tree trimming service in Baton Rouge who wanted to come cut this limb hanging on a tall tree above our house without bringing in heavy equipment, tearing up my yard and charging a whole lot of money. I was quoted from $500 to $1200 dollars and told that they'd have to come in and take down our fence so that they could get a big heavy equipment lifter in my yard close enough to this tree to trim the branch hanging.

Ted Harbourt is the best tree service in Baton Rouge

He and a fellow named Tracey came out with nothing but a dozen or so long ropes, 2 chain saws and a harness. Without using tree spurs that would've damaged our tree or a big bucket machine that would've damaged my yard they were able to climb this tall red oak, trim off all the damaged branches and safely lower them without falling on the house. They didn't tear up my yard, they disposed of the tree limbs and they did it safely. All for a very fair price. Ted says he doesn't over charge like others do because he believes that good work, fair prices and word of mouth are the best ways to do business. For being a good businessman he gets the only place on my website for tree removal and trimming in Baton Rouge. No website so here is his contact information. Tell him Wayne and Michelle from Shenandoah neighborhood recommended him.

Marathon Tree Service, Inc.
Ted Harbourt - Arborist
7826 O'Neal Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
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