Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

Classic Car convertible / convertables

I want a 62, 63, 64 Continental or Wildcat

As anyone who reads this website knows I work alot on my old Ford project but I've been thinking in terms of finding myself a sort of daily driver thats an old classic convertible / convertable. I just want something with a little style that isn't all new and technological so I started looking around on Ebay Motors for a few different cars that might be appealing to me. I remember my father having an old Buick Wildcat convertible / convertable that didn't run and he eventually sold. I also know my friend has a 64 lincoln continental that I'd absolutely love if it were the old 4 door suicide doors model. convertible / convertable would also be a plus.

Ebay, kind of hard to find great deals on cars.

Looking around on Ebay has been my only successful way of quickly finding classic cars for sale. They indeed have a few cars like I want for sale but the problem is that they're totally restored cars or total junk cars. I really don't want to buy a car for the price of a new one. I want to pick up a classic convertible / convertable thats a runner and kind of a clunker so that I can fix it up as I go. However with patience I might find a deal I can work with there.

1963 or 1964 Lincoln Continental Suicide 4 Door

This is the car I'd really like to pick up. The 4 door suicide door continental was one of the luxury cars from the 60's. They have power seats and I believe power windows which were really uncommon things in that day. Though I find the hard tops appealing I really want a convertible / convertable.
1963 or 1964 Buick Wildcat

I loved the look of this old car my dad had out in his yard for a while. All the chrome and crazy looking styling was absolutely appealing. It looked like something out of a comic book and I loved it. This car absolutely has to be in a convertible / convertable if I pick one up and I'd like to.

Car for Sale?

Are you selling a buick wildcat or selling a lincoln continental? If so then please email me with the information on your car. The real purpose of this article was to put it out there that I was looking to buy a classic convertible / convertable car at some point in the near future. 1963 or 1964 Lincoln Continental 4 door I'm your man. 1963 or 1964 Buick Wildcat I'm your man.

-Jerry Odom, June 2008

You might wonder why I have convertible / convertable throughout this article? Well for some reason when I wrote this article I misspelled the word convertible. So I'm keeping it.