Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

Losing Weight and Exercising

Eating Right and Dieting Suck

Getting *Back* In Shape

So I think this is a normal part of about 90% of all people's lives if they get a little out of shape after being in good shape. You were in a great fitness state and got a little lazy due to work or whatever. Next thing you know you're about 10-15 lbs over weight if you're lucky. So starting a week ago I got started dieting, eating better and exercising to get that 15 lbs off.

Better Eating 5 Days a Week

Monday through Friday I am eating low carbohydrates and high protein. I eat yogurt with a bit of granola for breakfast each morning. Subway wraps, chicken breasts, smoothies and vegetables for lunch. Dinner is mainly about avoiding carbohydrates so I'm eating any meat, vegetables but not bread or pasta.

Metabolism Boosters & Vitamins

In order to help myself with appetite and working out along with the diet I've been using a metabolism booster that my girlfriend picked up. Apparently the person who produces or destributes this suppliment is a Baton Rouge based person so I figure what the hell. So I've been taking X-Tream N.R.G appetite supressor and metabolism booster from Team Canyon / Shawn Cotten. Its really worked for my appetite and has boosted my energy for a week really good. So I'll keep posting my review of the product.

Exercising & Light Weight Lifting

Basically I go jogging every afternoon. 1-3 mile run at about an 8 minute pace right now. My extra weight has really slowed my pace in running so I have to take it easy in order to get alot of running in to really burn my calories. Running in Baton Rouge's Shenandoah neighborhood keeps it fun and interesting. I hit the heavy bag in my garage for about 10 minutes and do some weight exercises with a curl bar I have. I also throw kicks and shadow boxing to help work my flexibility and waste. I'm really looking to drop my body fat and gain muscle so I do alot of reps with all my exercises. Pushups, pushups pushups.

Update March, 2007

Well I've still been taking the Xyience metabolism boosters. They're really good for energy and help with snacking alot. I've also been taking New-Whey Protein which has turned out to be a good tasting way to get protein.

Update November 29, 2006

I've continued working out and have lost some body fat but my weight and problem areas are still there. So now I'm going to try out Xyience Xelerate Fat Burner and a workout program from a book called abs diet for my biggest problem area and the place that harbors most of my fat.(my stomach) As it stands now since I started at around 190+ lbs I'm now at around 182 lbs. My body fat has also going from around 20% to about 18%. Target is of course under 175lbs and 15% body fat.

Update November 1, 2006

So I've lost some weight but its kind of fallen off. I ran out of the Canyon boosters I liked and tried hydroxycut which didn't work out too well.