Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

Free Firefox Toolbar

I'm writing cool Firefox & IE toolbars

My company started designing a host of cool free toolbars that are custom designed for major universities in the US. Being that I'm head programmer I learned all the little things about writing toolbars for firefox and Internet Explorer. I even ran through how to develop a Firefox toolbar from scratch and in the process created my own firefox toolbar that people can download if they want. Its great if you're a programmer, web developer, LSU fan or Baton Rouge resident who wants general information at your fingertips and a Google search box. So if you want to try mine you can download my firefox toolbar free.

A Word on the Free College Toolbars

I must say there is a great deal of group work going into designing user friendly free toolbars that install easy, don't accidentally trip virus scanners, are pleasing to look at and have a deal of customized links for each individual college. The free toolbars that my company designed are a great achievement that I think all people are going to enjoy. As I write this thousands of people already enjoy our extremely cool toolbars with more downloading each day. I encourage anyone reading here to download the free college toolbar and give it a shot. On the website you can see the previews of the toolbars before you download it and you can be assured they're 100% spyware free. You'll thank me once you use our cool toolbars.

Internet Explorer and Firefox Toolbar Links
  • Mozilla Extension Room - Mozilla keeps a library of extensions(tools) that you can add on to your firefox browser. You're likely to find some nice toolbars there to do a variety of tasks.
  • Google Toolbar - The Google toolbar is currently one of the most popular toolbars. I prefer the free college toolbar because I wrote it and therefore trust it more but the guys from Google haven't hurt me yet.
Programming toolbands and toolbars links that are largely useless to even most experienced IT professionals. For programmers and turbo nerds like myself you might like them. I keep them here for referernce. Why the hell does Microsoft call toolband what everyone else calls toolbars?