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1969-70 Mustang Mach 1


  • 1969 - 72458 built
  • 1970 - 40970 built
classic ford mustang As popular as the Mustang was, it wasn't much of a street racer. The big 390 V-8 introduced in 1967, was a step in the right direction, but the 390 wasn't much of a match against the Chevrolet 396 V-8 in the Camaro or even the 400 V-8 in the Firebird. If you wanted a fast Mustang, you'd have to go to a much more expensive Shelby Mustang, which was equipped with the 428 V-8.

Late in the 1968 model year, Ford introduced the 428CJ engine on a small group of Mustang GTs. This was a strong performer and pointed to the direction that the 1969 Mustang would take. However, "GT" wasn't a name that would initiate images of street screeching performance. Ford decided upon the Mach 1, with the supersonic connotations.

Even though the GT was still available in 1969, the Mach 1 took its place as the performance Mustang. It was based on the SportsRoof body and came with a long list of standard features. Visually, the hood was painted flat black along with a similarly painted non-functional hood scoop. Reflective side and rear stripes were coordinated to complement the body color, as were the color keyed dual racing mirrors. Adding to the racer image were the NASCAR hood pin latches- a deleteable option. Chrome styled steel wheels and a chrome pop-open gas cap were also used. The attractive Deluxe Decor Group filled out the interior. It included the high back bucket seats, a rim-blow steering wheel. sculptured door panels, console, additional sound deadener and plenty of simulated wood appliques. It was an attractive interior, befitting the image of the Mach 1.
Standard engine was the new 351 c.i. V-8. This engine was basically an enlarged 302 and is known as the 351 Windsor, as it was made in Ford's Windsor plant. With the two-barrel carburetor and single exhaust, the base Mach 1 engine was rated at 250hp. The optional 290hp. 351 c.i. V-8 four barrel engine came with dual exhausts and chrome quad outlets. The old 390 c.i. V-8 was also optional, rated at 320hp, with the top engine option being the torquey 428CJ, rated at 335hp . The most powerful 428CJ came with the "Shaker" hood scoop- attached to the engine, it "shook" as the engine idled. The Shaker was optional on the both 351s and 390 V-8. A lot of engines to choose from, to be sure.

The Mach 1 has been called the supercar of the masses- how could you resist the styling? Those put off by the flash of the Mach 1, could get the exact same engine options and other equipment on the GT.

For 1970, the Mach 1 was as flashy as ever, with a special hood stripe arrangement replacing the blacked-out hood and aluminum rocker panel covers replacing the side stripes. The Boss 302 Sport Slats and rear wing became optional on the Mach 1 as well in 1970.

In terms of engines, the 390c.i. V-8 was dropped for 1970 as was the 351c.i. V-8 four barrel. Two new 351 V-8 were added; the two barrel carburetor version was rated at 250 while the four barrel was rated at 300hp. Both of these engines are known as the 351 Cleveland, as they were both made at Ford's Cleveland engine plant. The block and heads were of an entirely new design- the heads were almost identical to those used on the Boss 302. Complicating thing a bit, the ports and valves of the two-barrel carburetor version were smaller than the four-barrel's. Finally, the 250hp 351 Windsor was still available as well. Some Mustangs had the Cleveland engine, while others got the Windsor.
Because the Mach 1 overwhelmed the GT (only 4,973 sold in 1969) the GT option was also dropped and the Mach 1 became the premier performance Mustang in 1970.

Ford would continue using the Mach 1 name until the 1979 model year.


Wheel base : 108"

Track , f/r : 58.5"/58.5"

Width : 71.8"

Length : 187.4"

Weight : 2980-3910lb.


351 c.i. V-8 2V Carburetor(Windsor)

C.R.: 10.0:1

Horsepower : 250@4600

Torque : 355 @2600

351 c.i. V-8 4V Carburetor(Windsor)

C.R. : 10.7:1

Horsepower : 290@4800

Torque : 385@3200

351 c.i. V-8 2V Carburetor(Cleveland)

C.R. : 10.0:1

Horsepower : 250@4600

Torque : 355 @2600

351 c.i. V-8 4V Carburetor(Cleveland)

C.R. : 11.0:1

Horsepower : 300@5400

Torque : 380@3400

390 c.i. V-8 4V Carburetor

C.R. : 10.5:1

Horsepower : 320@4800

Torque : 427@3200

428 c.i. Cobra Jet 4V Carburetor

C.R. : 10.6:1

Horsepower : 335@5200

Torque : 440@3400


1970 Mach 1

Engine: 300hp 351C V-8

Transmission : Three speed automatic

Axle Ratio: 3.00:1

Weight : N/A

Acceleration Sec.

0-30 mph : 3.5

0-60 mph : 8.2

0-100 mph : 21.4

Standing 1/4 mi : 16.0 @ 86.2 mph

Top speed : 120* mph

Source: Motor Trend, 4/70

1969-1970 Mustangs Return!

As of 2005 we've all been dazzled by Ford's remake of the 1969-1970 Mustangs with the all new Mustangs. Beautiful cars styled off of these classic best sellers from 35 years earlier. My wife has purchased the 2007 Mustang Roush and driving it is a blast from my teenage years past.