Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

Old Crow Chessmen

This is a picture of the Old Crow collectible Chess Set waiting for a game. I happen to own a chess set which looks exactly like this set and includes the carpet. I've recieved quite a few emails concerning this collectible set lately and decided to set up a page to address many peoples concerns all at once.

Who made this chess set?
  • This set was distributed by the Old Crow Distillery Company in Frankfort, Kentucky. They are ceramic whiskey decanters which come in golden bronze and dark verdian green. This is a giant chess set!
What type of alcohol came in the bottles?
  • Each bottle contained a fifth of Old Crow Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey. 86 proof.
When did this set come out?
  • My set was bottled in 1969 but I'm fairly sure there were other years of production. The only way that I can see to tell the date is on the original old crow boxes that shipped containing 6 pieces per box. Each of the 6 pieces came in an individual box with no dates to be seen.
How much is the set worth? I've seen it for several thousand dollars online?
  • When researching this set I went through several collectable guides online and found a listing for $250 for the set including the rug. I've seen some sellers online trying to get several hundred and in one sellers case several thousand dollars for the set. I assure you that this set isn't worth for than $200-300 and you'll be able to pick one up on E-bay for around this amount.
Will you sell your chess set? Can I buy your chess set?
  • No I'm very happy with it
How big is the set?
  • The rug is about 4 feet square and the pieces all together weight about 100 pounds. Each of the pieces stand over a foot in height and vary depending on the piece.
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