Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.
My current projects:
  • My job. Its been fanatically busy as far as development of software and branding. Its a career.
  • Lifting weights, running and playing basketball. Trying to get myself into the kind of shape that I want to be in. Probably going to start jujitsu training shortly.
  • Salt water fishing and crabbing.
  • Building this domain. Alot of people ask me why I build this site and what its for. The answer is nothing at all. I decided to build a site about every little random thing that came to mind and see how many hits I could generate to it. Cars, people, projects, ideas, etc.
  • Rebuilding my 1969 Mustang. This is a major project which typically gets about 1 day a month. I buy/fix parts and install them on my car. In 2005 I'm made alot of progress. I'm currently done with the frame and tackling fixing the Cowls.
  • 101 Myth's of the Bible
  • The Bible
  • World History of Asia