Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

St Patrick's Day Rules

The Guinness corporation, Green Beer, Drunk Leprechauns and...

every Irishman who got together and decided that partying our asses off with a bunch of parads, bands and beers for Saint Patrick's day are some of my favorite people. I mean really on every other religious figures holiday we're supposed to do something else but end up drinking and partying so why not just make it the event for every occasion like the Irish do? I've always loved Saint Patrick's day here in Baton Rouge because my friends and I head over to Bennigan's Bar for green bud light and car bombs(wouldn't suggest ordering a car bomb in Ireland) to celebrate the good ole patron saint of Ireland. My new found appreciation for the holiday comes when I was sitting around today thinking about how lame most other religious figure holidays are(See St. Valentines day rant) so lets discuss why St. Patricks day rules!

History of St Patrick's Day

St Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland who became a Saint the easy way(meaning not being Martyred) by spreading Christian beliefs through Ireland. It wasn't that easy though because he was first captured into slavery from Britain, brought to Ireland, got all religious, escaped with an Angel and then came back to Ireland to start one of the first Christian Missions there.(one sentence life) st patrick's day baton rouge He wrote down his life works in an autobiography Confessio so we got first hand information on the perils and experiences he had in spreading the word of God to the people of what is present day Ireland. He was brave in the face of a savage land and for that he's now a Saint and we get hammered for him every March.(sweet)
How Is St Patrick's Day Celebrated?

St Patrick's day celebration is pretty damn simple. All over the Western World peope have festivals, parades and a general good ole time to celebrate the life of St Patrick. Here in Baton Rouge we get together at our favorite pubs which for many its Bennigan's or Dublin's but I think Happy's Irish Pub downtown will get more action this year. This method is much more appealing than other holidays(Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day) that now days pretty much call for you spending a ton of money and sanity points on things for other people and running around stressing yourself out. Hell most people have just gone ahead and dropped the Saint from poor old Valentine's holiday and don't even know what its about other than buying roses or diamonds or els.(and he had to lose a head over it!) Instead for St Patrick we all just get together, chill, have a great time and hope nobody has too much of a hangover. Now THATS a holiday! The only planning you have to do is figuring out how you're going to get home from the celebration.

Baton Rouge St. Patrick's Day Bars

  • Bennigan's - We usually go here for the party. They have green beer, a band and decorations for the occasion. Always has been a good time for me!
  • Happy's Irish Pub - A new pub they just put in downtown Baton Rouge on third street. I actually had to guess at the website name and I was right. Should be a good party thrown here for St Patrick.
  • Dublin's - Probably more popular with the college students. Dublin's is located in Tigerland and I'm not so sure its even still called Dublin's so I wouldn't go that route.

Baton Rouge St. Patrick's Day Parade

Well thats my 2 cents on the best religious holiday out there! St Patrick Rules!

-Jerry Wayne Odom Jr. Feb 18, 2006

Update 3/19/2006 on St Patrick's Day Parade in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I went to the St. Patty's day parade off of Perkin's road yesterday and it was by far the most fun I've had at an event in Baton Rouge in quite some time. Great for the family, great for friends and just a great event. The city police run it well, getting in is easy and the people who come out are very civilized. If you took all the bad things about Mardi Gras out and left the good you have this parade.

Update Feb 18, 2007

Checked out the celebration for 2007 as well. Was even bigger and more fun than the 2006 parade and celebration. Can't wait until 2008. Check out the Saint Patrick's Day information on Best of Baton Rouge.