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I play poker alot and it seems I've written enough stuff about it on this site for it to warrant its own page. Here I'll post all my little articles about poker in my life, both online poker play and live game poker play. Poker has become all the new rage and I've enjoyed it as much as everyone else.(I never even went to a casino until Texas Hold'em got popular) I love watching the WSOP and WPT on TV, I love some of the popular players and I just love the game. Mostly here I complain since poker players only remember the things they hate about hands and whether or not they've won or lost lately. So for those who are interested or doing some sort of research about stuff I do and talk about, here you go:

Poker Pages:
  • Don't Hellmuth Bad Players - people learn more than posturing on television I guess.
  • Live Poker - I'm apparently a better live game player than online player.
  • WSOP Commercials - I love the WSOP and even the commercials are good to me.
  • Limit Poker - I no longer play limit poker. That was my solution to hating this game.
  • Texas Hold'em Draws - I complain about some poker calls I'd been losing on.
  • Playing Poker Online - I endorsed playing poker online in this article. I've been going back towards live games though.(I do alot better)
  • Louisiana Poker - A while back Texas Hold'em Tournaments in Louisiana got put off due to gambling regulations. I wrote a bitch about it.

Poker Links:
  • PokerStars - Where I go to play poker online
  • Full Tilt Poker - Another place to go play online poker.
  • - Great place to fund your online poker account. I've also read alot of good things about them in the business section of the news.
  • - The place to go for poker news, articles and information.
  • Belle Of Baton Rouge Casino - A place to play live poker in Baton Rouge. Why play poker online when all of the ultimate donkeys are downtown.