Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

Easy Recipes

Because hard recipes suck

Why is it always so hard for me to find a particular free and easy recipe on the Internet for simple topics? Then when you think you've found your recipe someone wants you to subscribe to a website you don't care about or look at some irritating ads or the recipe ends up sucking because they just copied the damn thing off the back of a box in order to sucker you into their site! I've decided to start writing up all the stuff I try to cook. They're guaranteed easy because I'm a man and mens recipes have to be easy. Most of them will be BBQ because I have a big new pit I like to use but there will be alot of cajun recipe classics because I like to cook around my Louisiana heritage.

  1. Jambalaya - I'm from the Jambalaya capitol of the world so naturally I can cook the stuff.
  2. BBQ Ribs - Well I cooks some pretty damn good ribs the other day with the help of Stubb's BBQ Sauces.
  3. BBQ Brisket - A great recipe I got off my girlfriends country boy step dad!
  4. Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin pie my mom has been making for years.
  5. Starbuck's Irish Gentleman's Eggnog Latte - I think the name speaks for itself.
  6. Sauce Piquante - Damn good sauce that I make sometimes.
  7. Tomato Sauce - You'll never like it out of a can again.
  8. BBQ Beans - Really good beans that are really easy.
  9. Drink Recipes - A while back I came up with a list of girls drinks.
  10. Mom's Lasagna Recipe - This is so darn good and so easy.
  11. Homemade Chocolate Fudge Recipe - Excellent fudge recipe for Christmas. I make it every year.