Jerry Wayne Odom Jr.

1969 Ford Mustang Restoration

December 2008
Hi everyone! I've gotten a number of contacts wondering if I've still been working on my car. Yes I have it's just the progress had become slow for much of 2007. However in late 2007 I've started new progress on my Mustang rebuld. With my new shop area built up I have started making really good steps to maybe one day driving it again. I can at least push it now.

September 7, 2006
I moved my Classic Mustang project to my home in Baton Rouge. I'm already working on the cowl vent repair and busy storing parts and taking things off. The work goes so much smoother in a controled environment. I may accomplish something here! I posted some pictures of what I'm doing in the cowl page.

August 26, 2006
I've been reading up alot on paint stripping and body panel repair so that I can start making progress on my car until I can bring it over from my fathers house. I've read a few books but found my most helpful information online.

August 20, 2006
After much work in setting up the basics for an auto shop at my home I've finally gotten to start working on my Mustang again! Problem is that its so darn hot out in Louisiana right now that I only get a little done. I've started stripping paint and evaluating the hood and trunk for my car. I will probably end up getting a new hood since I don't feel like I can fix the ones I have. So if you want to buy a project hood let me know!

July 21, 2006
Its been a long while since I posted here because I haven't been working on my 69 Mustang much. My work environment is no longer tolerable thanks to my brother and father. So I'm moving the project to my house in Baton Rouge but I have to buy the necessary tools first. So this weekend I'm buying an air compressor good enough to do all the restoration work on my car. Hopefully more frequent updates coming soon.

May 10, 2006
Got my brake rotors installed but some old parts turned up missing when it was time to get to them. My brake master cylinder and brake lines are no where to be found. There goes $100.

April 18, 2006:
I'd all but put the wheels back on the car when I realized I needed to buy new disc brakes for my Mustang.

March 22, 2006:
I must say that installing coil springs and shocks on a Mustang that doesn't have its Engine in is a pain in the butt. I got it done though. I have a $200 box of body fasteners for the Mustang that I'll be installing so there should be some interesting posts on the site in the near future.

March 12, 2006:
Someone woke me up to posting on this page again this weekend with a question about 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Seats and how much they're worth. Man I'm glad my seats are ok. This week I'm ordering a AMK Ford Mustang Body Kit with all the fasteners I need to hang fenders, carriage bolts for shocks, doors, cowl, everything. $200 on nuts and bolts. AMK Products has a great line of kits for classic cars but the absolute worst web design in the history of the web. They use a java applet to list their products to the web which search engines like Google and Yahoo can't read.

February 23, 2006:
ford mustang Man how time flies as a month has gone by already. As you can see in my vlog I have been working on the car and am getting the front steering and suspension back together. More on that coming soon as I'm working on it this week. A fellow Mustanger sent me a question on buying Mustang rear frame rails so I posted the response for other peoples benefits. Hope it helps.

January 22, 2006:
Worked this weekend on getting the suspension underneath the car. Its about half on there but we've got all the parts for it now and so I started looking at my power steering assebmly. I don't remember it being that torn up and realized I might have to go deep in pocket. Fortunately I was able to use Ebay this weekend to buy Mustang steering parts and pick up the last suspension details I needed. I've just saved at least $200 dollars and probably much more depending on how well the power steering works out.

January 16, 2006:
Well things have gone kind of slow so far getting this thing together. I had to stop and tear my spindles down from my Front Disc Brakes today and didn't get any of the suspension parts back on because my brother ran off with my air hoses and I had to find them. But I will be victorious in the end! I just do what I can and the hobby takes care of itself.

January 2006:
Ok I'm starting a 3rd and main page to my Mustang restoration page. I guess restoration is the right word but I'm not going for like new I'm going for just out of warranty! hehe. Well for my first post to this page check out how I feel about hunting down suspension nuts and bolts for my 1969 Mustang front suspension. Look for all my updates to the project to be posted here or in my Mustang Restoration Vlog.