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Guide to LSU

LSU, Louisiana State University, was founded by the Louisiana General Assembly in 1853 with the instituion planning to open its doors January 2, 1860 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A state funded school, LSU takes in about 16 percent of the total enrollment of public higher level education in Louisiana, more than any other school. The student body is comprised of over 30,000 from all 50 states and over 120 countries. The average age of undergraduate students is 22 with men only marginally outnumbering the women.(15 to 14)

Some Info. LSU is...
  • is the flagship institution of the state of Louisiana with its main campus in Baton Rouge.
  • is one of only 25 universities nationwide holding both land-grant and sea-grant status.
  • brings in more than $87.5 million annually in outside research grants and contracts, a significant factor for the Louisiana economy.
  • is home of the "Fighting Tigers" and their Bengal tiger mascot, Mike V. They finally built mike a big new cage.
  • is a community of more than 34,000 faculty, staff, and students from every state and more than 120 countries.
  • injects more than a half-billion dollars into the Baton Rouge economy annually.
  • is so big it takes 15 minutes to walk to class from the nearest parking lot.
  • has a very beautiful campus as you can see in some of my pictures.

My Life as an LSU Student

Back when I originally wrote this page I was still a student at LSU. Its been several years since I graduated but due to my great experiences at LSU I still want to be a part of the university as you can see through my site design and my articles on LSU sports results. Anyone who goes to LSU can't go away without taking a bit of the university with them and its an experience I believe all young Louisianians should have. There's so much going on there that you can't help but form bonds of unity with your fellow students, faculty, sports teams and the beautiful campus.

LSU Basketball

I write about LSU basketball because its one of my favorite sports to play and I love young players. I hate the NBA and I love all the effort and emotion our teams show.

  • March 26 - LSU in NCAA Final Four - all I can say is wow about our Tigers.
  • March 25 - LSU to the Elite 8 and we are loving it in Baton Rouge.
  • March 16 - March madness is in full effect. I wrote up my thoughts on LSU in the NCAA tournament! Good luck Tigers!
  • March 1 - Kind of continued from the link directly below this one congratulations to the LSU Basketball teams for winning the 2005-2006 SEC Championships.
  • If you aren't watch them already you need to buy LSU basketball tickets and go cheer for our teams. They're always good and in 2006 they're turning out great. Geaux Tigers!

LSU Football

I write from time to time on LSU Football due to the extreme popularity of the subject here in Baton Rouge. I love LSU and am a huge fan of its sports teams so I write about them from time to time.

  1. 2006 LSU vs. ULL Tailgating - Easy first game but a great day.
  2. 2006-2007 Football Season Thoughts - Ready for another year of LSU Tigers football.
  3. 2005 SEC Football Bowl Results - I wasn't happy with how the SEC performed over all but at least LSU won!
  4. LSU vs. Miami - Well we laid down for Georgia but we're going to get up when we play a blockbuster matchup with the Miami Hurricanes! Yes!
  5. LSU Vs. Georgia - LSU gonna whip the dogs and a little rant about women and game days.
  6. Fire Les Miles? - I can't believe people would call for the head of a 10-1 SEC coach.
  7. LSU vs. Alabama - My 2005 prediction was off but it could've been on. I'm just glad we won.
  8. LSU vs. Florida - The 2005 game was an absolute blast before, during and after!
  9. LSU vs. ASU - Right after the disaster of hurricane Katrina.


Some Pictures

alex box stadium
Alex Box
lsu war memorial
War Memorial
mike the tiger
pete maravich
Pete Maravich
tiger stadium
Tiger Stadium
art building
Art Garden
memorial tower
Memorial Tower Rear
memorial tower
Memorial Tower
boyd hall
Thomas Boyd
Student Union
LSU Links