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I work online for a living building applications for web development, bettering the user experience with the Internet, programming and more. I also enjoy playing with toys such as notebook computers, camera, camcorders, TV's and whatever comes across. Knowing how useful other peoples reviews and even simple discussion board posts can be I write articles on my experiences with IT, electronics and technology. I've finally got enough of them to warrant their own section so here it is. to the left is navigation to some of my oldest material and I'll try to keep it and the links below updated and available for all you Internet researchers out there.

.net     December 11, 2008
Contrary to popular belief I do still post here. Unfortunately I'm too busy building software to write about it. Lately I've been doing a great deal of Microsoft Mobile Development on the 3.5 framework. Fun stuff     March 10, 2008
I'm going to try to start posting short articles when I have to develop a solution using the .NET Framework. For instance I recently had to port Microsoft Access to SQL Server using the Upsizing Wizard. It wasn't completely as easy as I thought it'd be.
MCTS     February 8, 2008
The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification has been taken and passed. It was a pain but could've been easier if better material was available for study. However I'm now 2/5 of my way though my developer line of certification.
mcp     October 2, 2007
After beginning my new job I've gone ahead and earned my Microsoft Certified Professional Certification. Those tests are fairly tough if you're moving over from a mostly Unix based programming environment. Study hard & work the problems!
it     March 26, 2007
Well I've been working doing alot of Microsoft ASP.NET and VBScript programming here in Baton Rouge. Reading alot of books that I'll start reviewing more often. Here is my Professional C# 2005 Programming book review. It's the book from Wrox publishing. Great book.
it     January 20, 2007
I'll finally have alot to talk about in my IT section. In the past it was against company policy for me to discuss alot of what I know but now I'm looking for a C#.NET Programming Job in Baton Rouge. I'm also learning like mad and will soon post alot of .NET book reviews here.
IT     September 26, 2006
Wow I don't update this section very much? Seems like all I do is technology so I must not like writing about it. Well anyway I was happy to finally find a good free image thumbnailing/editing software.
it     June 11, 2006
I noticed that people started coming back to my website looking for Big Bucking Chicken and then I noticed that television advertising boosted my search engine traffic. Got me thinking about paying attention about future and new ad campaigns by big companies.
IT     March 20, 2006
Recent discussions over misspellings and taking a look at my own logs make me thing that misspellings and typos in content aren't all bad and even helpful as real people doing searches accidentally make mistakes in searching.
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  • Myspace Community - My experiences with my own Myspace page and thoughts on the popular online community that just keeps growning.
  • Wikipedia - I played around with Wikipedia for a while and even put some entries to myself in there. A fun web resource.
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  • Web Programming & Me - What I've been up to in terms of my job and the Internet lately.
  • Web Design - A page on Baton Rouge Web Designers I know of. They do well in the search engines which is imporatant to me.
  • Web Programming - Basic advice on how to learn web programming including some book suggestions and examples.
  • Perl VS Php - I talk about some basic reasons to use Perl or PHP. A little old and I'm more experienced now so may need revision but still useful.
  • Bad Web Spiders - Some bad spiders show up in my logs for going crazy on my website.
  • Spyware Strike Conspiracy - Spyware gets more and more devious every day. This one is one of the worst I've seen. Garbage
  • My Firefox Toolbar - I had to learn some basics for work and wrote a firefox toolbar for myself while at it.
  • Creating an RSS Feed - Created an RSS feed for this website and it was fairly easy. With a little programming and time you can organize your website with RSS too.