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A guide to using the 40K Ork army lists by Jerry Odom

I've recently become rather addicted to a Games Workshop game known as Warhammer 40000. I've been playing an army made up of Space Orks that has been very fun and a good way to kill an evening with friends.
warhammer This page has been put up to maintain my different army lists that I'll most likely generate using a popular gaming software known as Army Builder. I felt the need because I keep coming up with these army lists, some that work and some that don't, and I keep losing the damn paper I print them out on.(So if they're online they can't get away right?) I've also had such a hard time finding regular 40k army list already generated on the web. Nobody seems to post their Warhammer armies so I'm posting mine so that other people may use them if they like. I'm open to suggestions for changes to my list that will improve them or for new list that you may feel are better. If you have them send them!!!

Update(January 2007): Well its been almost a year and I haven't played much Warhammer 40K. I may have played one time in the entire year. There isn't any place to do that around here anymore and I've got too many other hobbies in front of it. Oh well it was a good time while it lasted.

Update(February 2006): I haven't been playing my 40K Orks alot lately due to working on my Mustang project but they've started up another league over at Gameworx that I'm thinking of getting into. Alot cooler to go play now that my brother is running the place. Last time I played the rules had changed again for my Orks so I wasn't so sure about Kustom Force Fields. I hear that a new codex will finally be coming out but thats been on the plate forever now. Hopefully it'll come up again. I'm holding on to the Orks!

Update(November 2005): Been playing a 1300 pt Kult of Speed army thats a scaled down version of my 1850 army. It doesn't scale down well so I'd advise staying away from KoS at low points cost. I just noticed I never posted some email conversation about ork tactics a guy and I corresponded about. There are a few bits about whats necessary for an army and some stuff about multiple hand to hand weapons.(choppa/power claw). I have heard the new codex is coming out soon for orks and I'm looking forward to seeing it. If anyone else has information on it I'd like to hear about it!

Update(July 2005): I finally wrote an article based on my Warhammer 40k 4th edition experience in a recent league here in Baton Rouge. I apologize to those who wrote me for help as I haven't taken the time to write on playing the boyz based on my new knowledge. I wrote an article on winning with the Ork Kult of Speed for everyone looking for knowledge of the speed freaks. I lost a game to a Tau player and to a Blood Angels player. Both could've been won had I made my realizations on how to play my command squad and how to use other aspects of storm boyz and bikes. I beat Chaos twice, tau once, guard once and Grey Knights. I've also had a great degree of success with this army against all marines and other Orks. Necrons are a bit of a problem but they are for everyone right?

Update: A fellow from Ireland wrote me with some opinions on my lists. Apparently he plays a different style and had some really great suggestions which I've been integrating into my own lists. Its long and its in Ork speak so I placed it here: Andy's Ork Tactics. I don't agree with everything he says but it may give you some ideas of what you want to put in your army lists. Send me yours if you have them.

Update:(March 2005) I've been playing in a Warhammer 40k league at Gameworx for the past month. Alot of fun and I've managed to win far more than I've lost. This has been the first I've played enough in a row to get the 4th Edition rules down and let me tell you that in my opinion they strengthen the Orks greatly. The new hand to hand rules make it possible for you to kill so many of your enemy so fast that they can't line them up in front of me fast enough. The new vehicle rules for shooting make it possible for me to move and hide my looted basilisk and for me to have a distinct edge with trukk charges. The new penetrating hit rules make Kustom force fields an almost integral part of every unit you'll mount in a trukk and wow has it been interesting. Space Marine players just don't know what to do about it. I suggest everyone take a look at this article on Games Workshops homepage as they've got a guy discussing the big new changes for 4th edition. You'll be happy you did.

Jerry's Warhammer 40000 Ork Army Lists
  • Update March 2005 1300 pt Ork Death Skullz Revised - The Gameworx tournament has gone ok for me thus far. Ok being a very stressed work because my list hasn't been performing as well as I hoped.(2 wins 2 losses) The games I won were with a great degree of success but the games I lost were due to an imbalance of points throughout the course of the game. In the February list directly below this entry I'll discuss the imbalance because I don't want to fill this page up with too much.
  • Update Feb 2005 1300 pt Ork Death Skullz - A tournament list I'll be using in an upcoming 40k tournament here in Baton Rouge. Imperial Orks with a Basilisk, Rhino and Big Mek. Should be interesting to say the least.
  • Update Jan 2005 1500 pt Ork Death Skullz - I've been using the Death Skullz for the variety of looted vehicles you can use. I'm using a Rhino with some Skar Boyz and the Leman Russ battle tank. The list is probably not finished but it is very effective. My 40k Orks seem to want to join the Imperial Guard. hehe.
  • 1500 pt Ork Kult of Speed - Orks armed with burners in units. Gun Trukks and lots of trukk boyz. I've yet to lose with this army list but have tied more often than I would've liked.
  • 1500 pt Ork Kult of Speed 2 - Heavy options for Basilisk. Heavy on elites and smaller units. Experimental but should prove effective against sit back n shoot play styles. I have heard that the use of a Leman Russ instead of the Basilisk has its own equally powerful advantages. UPDATE: The Leman Russ kicks some serious ass.(9/01/2003)
ork kult of speed

My Ork Kult of Speed Army - A picture of my Warhammer 40000 Ork Kult Of Speed Army. Click it to see the large(120k) picture.(October 2003)

ork dread

My Ork Dreadnought Core - A picture of my Warhammer 40000 Ork Dreads. I Dreadnought and 6 killer kanz.(December 2003)

Ork Armies Can Win! - With every new army that comes out the units become more god aweful powerful and the Orks stay the same. Sure they kick ass in hand to hand IF they charge but with all the Grey Knights, Necrons, Space Wolves, etc out there how can they ever win? They can win. Not as often and decisively as other armies but through creative strategy, sacrafice and a little luck your boyz can be victorious.

If you're new to playing Orks you won't win much and if you're not open to learning the Ork way then you should switch to Space Marines or some other hyped up race with room for error. Orks are a fun race. They've got insane weapons and its just as much fun when they nuke themselves with the Zap gun as when they do it to an enemy vehicle. You may lose and lose badly at first but with a little persistence and luck you'll be chopping your enemies down in a blood thirsty frenzy. I hope this addition to my page has helped and please e-mail me with any questions or comments anytime.

Jerry's Warhammer 40000 Miscellaneous stuff
  • Jerry's Ork Tips - A list of suggestions for how to structure any ork army.
  • Jerry's Ork Army - A list of all the ork stuff I own. This is a rather large army and you may not need as much. I love the orks though so I have it.

Warhammer 40000 Links
  • Kugel's Warhammer 40,000 Pages - Pretty nice website with some killer pictures of all the different units for every different army. I spent half an hour looking at all the figure pictures.

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