All Moved In

2015 has been great so far.    Very nice to no longer be worried about house plans, contractors, interest rates, closing dates, etc, etc.     The family is all settled in and we’re doing normal things more frequently again!

House building has gone pretty smooth thus far in 2014. It’s been fairly smooth with the help of our builder Passman Homes.

Additionally I won a homebrewing contest best of show and a stout of mine will be brewed by Tin Roof here in Baton Rouge. Pretty exciting! I also won a medal in the 2014 Dixie Cup for an American Pale Ale.

Believe it or not I haven’t forgotten about this website it simply just isn’t something I’m in to anymore.(blogging that is) My wife and I have been busy raising our rugrat and building our permanent home in Prairieville. Doing great.

I almost never post here anymore. I just logged in today to host an image. Having a family leaves little time for anything besides work, the gym, brewing beer and even barely time to drink a few beers. All in all a good just but man it’s gone by fast.

Yesterday we’re watching team USA play soccer against Germany and Ella’s watching with me. USA scores and I tell her “scream go USA!” and without blinking she screams “Go Tigers!”. Close enough!

I’m kind of looking back on all the neat stuff we got for Ella.   About 80% of it didn’t work out.   The only things that worked out most of the time were clothes.   I propose that from now on out all baby shower gifts should be clothing or paper towels.   Why paper towels?   I should own stock in Brawny paper towels.   We use more paper towels with this child then I ever imagined possible.

My kid has been fearless lately. We were really surprised she had no problem jumping off the diving board about 50 times.


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Snoozing Ella on op of a toy box. Hilarious


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