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Things To Do In Baton Rouge

A personal guide and information source from a person who lives in Louisiana's capitol city. Its been helpful to alot of people as there isn't a whole lot of reason for people to write real yet easy to find by search engine information on the Capitol city. Why? Because most Louisiana natives mustn't have done alot of Internet advertising work or don't care to write this sort of thing in their spare time.(what can I say sometimes I get bored) Here you'll find things to do in Baton Rouge, bars in Baton Rouge and Baton Rouge restaurants. I try to update at least once a month based on what I've heard is happening around town.

Best of Baton Rouge is a new website I've developed to give people in or coming to Baton Rouge a great resource on live entertainment, businesses, live music, restaurants, bars and more. I've put a lot of work in to this site and know visitors will love it. Click here to check out the Best of Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge Information:
  • LSU Guide - General information and links to Louisiana State University. General information about LSU and a few pictures. I had to do a little something on my Alma Mater.
  • Bar Guide - Description of local area bars and clubs here in Baton Rouge. This has proven to be very useful for people coming in from out of town for football games. Baton Rouge can be a difficult place to find anything so I'm glad to help. What do we all want to do when we're really bored right?
  • Restaurant Guide - Places to eat that I like that are for the most part unique to the Baton Rouge area.
  • Baton Rouge Night Clubs - Places to go dancing or see live music at night.
  • Hotels In Baton Rouge - I wrote down the best locations to stay in Baton Rouge if you need to.
  • Wine Guide - I have a wine guide that I wrote for the sake of keeping up with some wine and just adding a little more to this site. I've been putting up information on what stores in Baton Rouge are offering as far as wine tastings. A good read and you'll find something to do
  • Jerry's Recipes - I've started putting up recipes that I like as a reference. I lose anything thats on paper so it seems to make sense. Jambalaya, Sauce Picante, BBQ Recipes and more.
    New: May, 2013
  • I've been working on a air conditioning repair company's website. A local company a friend of mine put me on to. It's been going well.
    New: June, 2011
  • It's hard to believe that I haven't updated this in nearly a year. I've been so busy with Best of Baton Rouge and My Beer Brewing Software that I have neglected some parts of a little.(which has also changed it's primary source over to a wordpress) I've also been working on a Louisiana wetland mitigation banking website. So I've been all over the place! In any event Louisiana is expanding all over the Internet and I'm helping with it!
    New: September, 2010
  • They're building a new bar called The Londoner over in the same shopping center as Hunan's. Looks like it might be awesome given the number of contractors I've seen in/out of there. Additionally I just helped a great Baton Rouge Margarita Shop rental company get started online.
    New: August, 2010
  • It's been about a year since the last time I edited this page. Not suprising since I spend most of my Baton Rouge time editing Best of Baton Rouge. However I have been working a bit on a Baton Rouge Wedding Video company's website.
    New: February, 2009
  • I've been working with a phenomenal wedding photographer in Baton Rouge to improve her website. She has many excellent examples of her work which is shows off true and unique artistic ability. Additionally I've continued to work with Best of Baton Rouge.
    New: September, 2008
  • What a busy year for me so far. I've continued to work hard at improving my Best of Baton Rouge website and it's come really well. I'd also like to share my experience with a Baton Rouge plumbing service that I had to call. Maybe help my fellow residents with some of my information.
    New: May, 2008
  • I've decided to spend a little more time in 2008 updating my Baton Rouge page. Unfortunately on Best of Baton Rouge I can't rant like I would like to. For example I've been trying to buy a lot in Baton Rouge or Prairieville with not a whole lot of luck at all. It's really been a pain with the price of real estate being so wild. In addition I'd like to take time to mention a great local business The V Shop. It's the best place to Buy a Volvo or Volkswagen in Baton Rouge or have a vehicle repaired or serviced.
    New: August, 2007
  • Of course I haven't been updating this section much since I've worked on Best Of Baton Rouge when I can. Remember LSU football season is starting soon, Live After Five for the fall and probably a half dozen other things I'm forgetting. If you like live music then go see Hydrovibe & The Operation Rock Tour at Clicks on August 31st.
    New: March, 2007
  • Checked out the Zapp's BeerFest. Absolutely wonderful time and definitely on the yearly to-do list.
    New: February, 2007
  • I've been very busy lately and spending some time building Best of Baton Rouge. A website that I will use to add more structure to my Baton Rouge information.
    New: New Years/January, 2007
    New: December, 2006
    New: October, 2006
    New: September, 2006
    New: August, 2006
    New: July, 2006
  • Another month has come and gone around Baton Rouge. July is hot as hell but it reminds me of first moving around LSU. I wrote a little about my experience in renting an apartments in Baton Rouge.
    New: June, 2006
  • Baton Rouge fun for June or at least what I've been up to. its been too hot to do anything besides exercise in the evenings and go out at night.
    New: May, 2006
  • I haven't put together what I've got going on in May except The Jambalaya Festival is taking place the last weekend of May. Its almost summer time and I'll be spending alot of time working out, jogging and enjoying the weather. I'd consider going to the LSU Lakes to enjoy the wonderful area near LSU campus. Its crawfish season now and alot of people are having crawfish boils as are restaurants. I also wrote about my massage treatment I had for my birthday. It was great.
    New: April, 2006
    New: March, 2006
  • Well LSU basketball season has come to an end and so has Mardi Gras. Unfortunately I was sick during Mardi Gras and only made a Ball. March Madness is upon us and both LSU teams have won their SEC championships so I'll be watching alot of basketball. Going watch the LSU mens baseball team is always a great weekend option around Baton Rouge. I am planning to go check out some of the cool light shows at the Pennington Planetarium & Theatre. Every Saturday until June 24th they'll be running a big dome digital light show of Pink Floyd's The Wall and that sounds awesome! They're also running a Bug's: Rainforest show in March that sounds like it would be cool.
  • Ok lets not forget that St Patricks day parade that we have in Baton Rouge every March.
    New: February, 2006
  • I wrote a about two good sources for events around Baton Rouge in a brief Baton Rouge event news article just because it was difficult for me to find these two sources when I needed them. Hope it makes it easier for everyone else.
  • Finally checked out Rasputin/Rasputen's?(spelling) It was an ok place to sit down and have a drink. Did see the staff rather unprofessionally throw a guy out who wasn't really doing that much wrong in my opinion.(this sort of staff behavior is always present in most Baton Rouge clubs) I liked it better when it was Marazil's but if you're 25-35 years old and you like a trendy kind of bar this is for you. Mardi Gras is in effect even though things are slow due to the hurricane Katrina incident. I came up with a Mardi Gras parade and ball guide for people looking for things to do. There are many other events going on than these but these are the ones I've hard about the most.
    New: December/January, 2006
  • Really if you're complaining about nothing to do in Baton Rouge and you're not going watch some of the LSU Mens & Womens basketball games you need to open your eyes. This is a great time for not alot of money and there are always tickets available. I don't care if you don't understand whats going on in a basketball game this is fun. They have entertainers, music and basketball is an entertaining action sport. Best of all since they don't sell out you can always get tickets for LSU basketball games! If you're looking for a different bar scene there is now a place on Third Street called Rasputin's.(actually it was Marazil's) Its a Vodka bar.
    New: December, 2005
  • Football season is over and LSU football is the primary entertainment around here up until December so now people are sort of looking around. I'm going to go check out mens & womens basketball because LSU has some young & exciting basketball teams. Ice Skating is also you may consider at the Centroplex until early January.

    New: Nov 14, 2005
  • The Chimes East opened today on Coursey and I gave it a look. A really nice new place with the same great menu of the original by LSU. They have a huge bar with at least 30 beers on tap which makes it the only great bar on this side of town.

    New: Nov 2, 2005
  • Its a bummer that the Live after Five events are over. I was sitting around the other night thinking about what things I like to do in the evenings as far as drinking and socializing go. I came up with some of the places I like to go that I always like to go to. Here is my City of Baton Rouge day by day guide for any given weekday.

    New: October 21, 2005
  • Went out to check out Downtown Live After Five concert and it was a very nice event. Right next to the Shaw Center for the arts allowing easy access to the Casinos, Capitol City Grill and Tsunamis its definitely something worth doing on Friday afternoons.

    New: September/October, 2005
  • Lately the best place to go on Tuesday evenings is Tsunami's. They feature great drink specials and the best view in all of Baton Rouge. A big hit with the ladies and with this cool fall weather you'd have to love their patio. Tuesday is also a great night at Champp's bar for martini's.
  • Thursday night has gone from Superior grill to Sullivan's ringside. $5 martini's and a great atmosphere. Check it out.
  • Rumor is that there's a new place downtown called Dante's Inferno(?). I believe its the new club scene and I can't really tell you much on it because I've been busy with football season. ;)
  • Oktoberfest 2005 is taking place right down the road in Gonzales the weekend of the 21st.
  • The new Chimes restaurant on Coursey blvd is nearing completion and it looks like they'll definitely be open for the first of the year.

    New: August, 2005
Well I've been looking for a place to find some sort of Baton Rouge live music listings easily. Apparently everyone keeps tabs on where to go but not what is going on where. Why? Because its time consuming I suppose and you can throw a quick guide up with no real details fairly easily. Well I stumbled upon The Advocate's Calendar section Friday. In it you'll find Baton Rouge Live Music thats probably not appropriately labeled "Shows to watch". Anyway I thought I'd post it and make it easier for all of you out there wanting some live music and not able to find listings of whats actually going on this week. It probably doesn't have everything but hey its a start and it helped me. A friend of mine who plays in a local band has also suggested I start a local band section being that alot of local bands need all the help they can get to get going. I'm with the idea as alot of local bands put on great quality shows. Look for that in the near future.

  • David's Chair - The absolute best place in Baton Rouge for a hair style or hair color.
  • Clarence's Cajun Radio - Another local area resident who built Baton Rouge related pages like me! Find alot of helpful information about businesses and events in the Baton Rouge area here. If you're into cajun music music or culture he has a ton of information on the subject as well.
  • Baton Rouge - Tourist and visitor information about Baton Rouge and Louisiana. Places to eat, stay, visit, things to do and see.
  • Baton Rouge Government Website - The official site of the BR Government. Great for residents who need information on the city or from the city.
  • Gonzales Weekly - Online site of the best source of news in Gonzales, LA.
  • The Advocate - Website of the largest newspaper in Baton Rouge.
  • Fred Mulhearn - Website of a Louisiana cartoonist. He has a great site and a large list of links to all things Louisiana.