I’ve recently been doing a lot of Silverlight development at work.   Silverlight is great for rapidly produce some very useful applications that meet a lot of challenges we couldn’t solve well with ASP.NET or WinForms in the past.   It’s like the best of both worlds in that you can develop WinForms like applications and deliver them over the Internet.  Well suddenly it recently became an issue that we needed to run these apps on an Ipad.   Sales and executives wanted to be able to show and this was a risk we never thought of in planning so it was a big uh oh.   I don’t know much about Ipad and research showed that Apple is big time anti-plugin due to their love for HTML 5 and standards in general.   So I’ve been falsly reporting for a month now that you can’t get these applications to run on an Ipad.

Why is it false?   Well one of our guys not to be deterred opened a ticket with our network squad.  Now technically you can’t install and run Silverlight in any fashion on an Ipad at the moment.   However one of our Citrix gurus quickly realized that this was not true and we could get the app running through the XenDesktop. Here is a link to an article where people are discussing it. I was pleasently happy to be wrong as I had began scheduling to have one of our developers ramp up on estimating how long it would take to replace the Silverlight interface with an ASP.NET interface. Our applications are service based so it wouldn’t have been a huge deal however I’ll take no additional hassle any day of the week.

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.


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