Bahama Bob’s Beach Side Cafe in Gulf Shores Alabama came highly regarded by Baton Rouge locals. You have to take all the help you can get when going out of state because as we all know there’s nobody who does seafood like Louisiana. But when we walked in to Bahama Bob’s small yet friendly cafe we knew it was going to be a good time. Tables full of people having a good time and conversing over plates of shrimp, fish and huge crab legs. It was a little loud in the dining area but everyone was having a great time although it may have been loud due to the dining area only being big enough for 30 or so people.(maybe 40 if you count the bar seating)

I’d been told to order the Royal Reds which are large deep sea shrimp. Unfortunately they were out of the reds but offered to serve up some large gulf shrimp steamed. I was ready for shrimp so that’s what I went for. They were served with a side of green beans and perfectly steamed potatoes. It was an excellent take on steamed shrimp and some of the better streamed shrimp I’ve had out of Louisiana. However the BEST thing there by far was their grilled Mahi Mahi which another in our party orderd. It was fantastically grilled fish with a perfect black edge to it. Very tasty and full of flavor. I definitely recommend that over the shrimp. Additionally the table next to us had orderd the giant crab legs and they talked very much abuot how much they enjoyed it.

I’d read only people complaining about slow service and this simply isn’t true or they caught a new waitstaff member. Bahama Bob’s staff was rocking and rolling through that place slinging food and checking on tables. I paid careful attention to them after reading some reviews online. Bahama Bob’s gets a definite thumbs up and I’ll be going back next time I’m in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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