The Hangout is a huge restaurant, bar and all around tourist attraction at the end of highway 59 in Gulf Shores Alabama right on the beach. When we were checking in to our condo we saw an ad for their place and it looked like a great time. We decided to check them out for dinner.

The menu was a wide array of different types of food. Pobodys, wraps, salads, burgers, seafood, gumbo, hotdogs, quesidillas and generally anything you can think of. I had a Chicago style footlong hotdog which I thought was very tasty. It wasn’t in the same league as actual Chicago dogs but it was a good meal. My wife had a quesidilla and my in-laws shared a shrimp poboy. Did we enjoy our food? Yes it was good but man it was expensive and we had to pay to park on the public area. The price with drinks to eat here is more like $20+ per person for average food. However food aside there was a band, the waitresses put on a dance show on the tables and the place was huge. It’s a very good tourist attraction that I’d definitely take the kids back to.

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